What Kind of Tequila Drinker Are You?

what kind of tequila drinker 3

Determine what kind of tequila drinker you are by reading or watching the video below!

Naturally, many of us have a tendency to morph personalities once the tequila starts flowing. Some become more energetic and extroverted, while others may be more relaxed or even emotional. But, sometimes it can be fun to see a different side of people. The one that we keep tucked away until the moment strikes. Still, if you’ve noticed you or your friends’ personality subtly change after a few sips, it could be their ‘tequila alter ego’. Which leads us to beg the question: What kind of tequila drinker are you?

Dancing Queen

Once the tequila kicks in, you permanently reside on the dance floor. In fact, you are not ashamed to break out the Running Man, Y.M.C.A, the Hustle, you name it. You’re the friend who’s notorious for dancing like no one’s watching. But unfortunately, everyone is and they are thoroughly unimpressed.

The Hugger

You just love, love! And, with a little tequila in your system, you tend to remind people just how much you love them. Over and over again. Anyone within arm’s reach better watch out because they will be victimized by numerous hugs, whether they want one or not. That also includes the person you just met in the bathroom.

Dave Shotpelle

You are the life of the party, but someone’s got to do it! Besides, you can’t help that you’re the funniest person in the room (at least according to you). And, regardless of whether your jokes land or not, you never let it ruin the night. You can do bad all by yourself.


Making friends is your mode of operation, and tequila always ensures your social skills are through the roof. Maybe it’s the uptick in oxytocin (the cuddle hormone), but you bond like nobody’s business. Three shots in and your bartender is now your maid of honor. But, she was sooo nice!

Jon Crier

Unfortunately, not everyone has a pleasant tequila-drinking experience. If this is you, then everything you hear is the saddest thing you’ve ever heard. Perhaps a good cry in the bathroom is what it takes to get you back on track. But, if someone decides to show you a cute picture of their new Puggle puppy, then it’s all over. The tears are a-comin’ fast.

Karaoke Ken

If there’s a mic around, it’s in your hand. You like to give the people what they want, and ‘Sweet Caroline’ is your go-to crowd-pleaser. Plus, you like to make sure everyone sees your vocal range. After all, you can and you will throw a ‘Purple Rain’ into the mix.

Tequila Knievel

You’re the most daring and unpredictable of tequila drinkers. If there’s stuff to jump off of, you’re jumping. You’re known to take “Hold my beer” and “Watch this!” to the next level. Suddenly, you’re 12 years old again, but not nearly as coordinated. Just be careful, Tequila Knievel. Nobody needs to see you do a handstand.

At Chevys, we have a soft spot for tequila. Whether it’s on the rocks or in a Margarita with salt, we’ll take two (because apparently, it’s good for us). Join us for dinner and drinks soon, and let us know what kind of tequila drinker you are.