3 Salsa Recipes You’ll Love

Everyone loves guac, but let us not forget about salsa. Salsa adds flavor and vibrant color to everything it touches, whether that’s tortilla chips, tacos or chicken breast. Not to mention, it’s so versatile and goes great with all kinds of foods aside from Mexican cuisine. And, did you know that salsa can be healthy, too? That’s a win in our book. Needless to say, this tomato-based dip is even better in the summer, which means now’s the perfect time to start playing around with new salsa recipes. So, think outside the salsa bowl and chop up one of the recipes below.

1. Strawberry & Jalapeno

Salsa usually features tomatoes, but it doesn’t have to. And, this Strawberry and Jalapeno salsa recipe is the perfect example of that. It swaps out one juicy red ingredient for another. To start, slice up a handful of strawberries and jalapenos and place them in a bowl. Then, top it off with seasoning and garnishes, such as rice vinegar, mint and scallions. Between the fresh fruit and mint, this salsa just begs to be eaten on a hot summer day. And, thanks to the kick from the jalapeno, it’s Chevys approved! We think it would taste great on top of grilled chicken, but don’t be afraid to get creative with this one. Add it to your fish tacos, salmon kebabs, and summer salads.

2. Cucumber Mango

Sorry tomatoes, but we have another unique salsa recipe. Cucumber Mango salsa is ultra cool, colorful, and tasty. Try it with chips or on top of a savory fish taco or bowl of quinoa. The mango fruit, in particular, gives the salsa a tropical flavor that’s perfect for beating the summer heat. Not to mention, the bright yellow and green colors will catch everyone’s eye around the dinner table. To make this salsa, dice up your cucumber and mango, then add some red onions, cilantro, jalapeno, lime, and pepper. Toss it all together and enjoy.

3. Roasted Habanero

If you’re all about spicy salsas, then you’ll love this one. This Roasted Habanero salsa features lots of tomatoes and even more hot habanero peppers. Of course, the more peppers you add, the spicier it’ll be. In addition, this recipe also calls for garlic, onion, cilantro, lime juice, olive oil, and salt. And, once you combine the ingredients, this salsa will taste delicious with just about any meal. It’s the perfect addition to your breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner. Try it on meatloaf, rockfish, mac and cheese, and eggs benedict.

Get Your Salsa On

When you’re in the mood for some delicious freshly made salsa, you know where to go. At Chevys, we love salsa and we use it to spice up many of our signature dishes. From hand-rolled tamales with salsa chicken to fresh fish fajitas with mango-habanero salsa, you’ll see it featured all throughout the menu. So, stop into Chevys today! We have locations in Annapolis and Arundel Mills. We also do catering, which you can now schedule online.