Why Tacos Make the World Go Round

Since their humble beginnings in Mexico, tacos have become an international sensation. They’ve evolved from a simple tortilla with a meat and cheese filling to complex meals with sophisticated flavors. Tacos are a meal that people of all ages look forward to. And, they’re even celebrated each week with their own social media hashtag, #TacoTuesday. Here’s a look at why so many people around the world love eating them.

There’s One for Everyone

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free – there’s truly a taco for every diet and taste. Tacos are so versatile and allow you the option of choosing your preferred type of meat. Of course, they can also be assembled with fish and other seafood to please pescetarians. Vegans can substitute meat or fish for a base of beans, potatoes, or rice to keep in line with their dietary restrictions. In addition, they’re easy to make gluten-free. You can simply request hard corn shells or make them with lettuce wraps instead of tortillas.

They Can Be Found Across Cultures

It seems American culture has permanently borrowed tacos from Mexico. And, many other cultures are doing the same. You may have even noticed that tacos have popped up in restaurants across different styles of cuisine, including Japanese and Italian. That’s because this Mexican classic provides a basic structure that lets you experiment with combinations of ingredients. The possibilities are endless!

Tacos are Delicious for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Love tacos so much you’d eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? We say, why not? With countless styles and flavors, there are tacos suitable for every meal of the day. Try stuffing a breakfast taco with your favorite morning foods, such as eggs, sausage, peppers, and bacon. Even more, tacos for lunch can help you power through the rest of your day as they offer a good source of protein. Plus, they let you squeeze in a serving or two of vegetables. At the end of the day, fill up on your choice of tacos and pair them with chips, salsa, and a side of rice and beans.

They’re the Perfect Social Food

There’s just something about hand-held foods that make us happy. They’re shareable and less formal than a steak or lasagna dinner, which subconsciously allows everyone to let loose with friends and family. Plus, they go great with drinks like margaritas, sangria, and mojitos.

Discover Fresh Mex at Chevys

Nothing beats the delicious taste of a taco made with fresh ingredients. So, it’s no wonder why the Mexican classic ranks among the most popular foods in the world. In fact, San Diego Magazine dubbed tacos as “the best food on the planet.” The next time you’re craving fresh tacos or want to celebrate Taco Tuesday, come see us at Chevys. Our daily lunch and dinner menu features a full lineup of Fresh Mex cuisine. We also have a wide selection of margaritas, tequilas, and beers to complement your meal. Stop into one of Chevys’ three locations to experience the taco trend for yourself.