What is Fresh Mex?

Chevys is famous for Fresh Mex cuisine, our unique twist on Mexican cuisine. We are proud to serve fresh flavors, ingredients, and handcrafted food made from scratch every day. Even if you haven’t heard of Fresh Mex, you will be hooked at first bite. That’s the whole idea behind Chevys, where Fresh Mex is celebrated and we are passionate about making fresh ingredients right in the kitchen. Read on to learn more about our food and how we put Fresh Mex on the map.

Fresh is What We Do BestFresh Mex guac

Chevys is fresh Mexican. A term coined at a time when restaurants were going to cans and bags more frequently in preparation of food. Chevys came hot to the scene offering fresh food that was quick and delicious. Further, the food was presented in a way that looked more gourmet than Tex Mex or traditional Mexican food.

The most prominent aspect of Chevys cuisine is that it is prepared fresh daily. Chevys makes EVERYTHING from scratch every day, right in our kitchens. We never use cans, ever. And, we utilize a charcoal/wood burning grill inside the restaurant daily. Chevys also showcases how good fresh food can be when it is cooked quickly and consistently. We also offer Kid Tours of the restaurants to show students (and teachers) exactly how we prepare our food. All in all, we pride ourselves on being as transparent as we can be with the preparation of our food.

Must-Have Fresh Mex Options


We are famous for our Fajitas! That’s exactly what put us on the map. We were one of the first restaurants to have a sizzling platter of Fajitas that sizzles all the way from the kitchen to the table. Additionally, we offer a generous portion of fresh steak, chicken, shrimp, carnitas, and salmon. This is the Chevys “Wow” factor!

Fajita Salad

The lighter alternative to our Fajitas is the Fajita Salad. This entree also sizzles and it is tossed and plated right at the table. The Fajitas and the Fajita Salad are our most popular and most talked about entrees.

GuacamoleFresh Mex fajitas

Holy guacamole! At Chevys, we make our guacamole directly at the table to show all the fresh ingredients. Many other restaurants use avocado pulp, which is cheaper, smoother, yet distinctive in processed flavor. However, we enjoy smashing thousands of avocados every day, and we never use frozen or packaged guacamole.

We also use a fresh tortilla maker, called El Machino, in our restaurants to showcase that even the purest ingredients are fresh. El Machino is generally featured in the middle of the restaurant or near the kitchen door. Also, El Machino provides entertainment for children and enables our guests to watch the tortilla making process.

Freshness is what we do best. Chevys is very passionate about serving Fresh Mex cuisine right to your table. So, bring your friends and family because the party is on us.