Navy Football Tailgating is Tradition

There are many things we love in Annapolis, Maryland, and Navy Football Tailgating is high on that list. There is just something to be said about rooting for the home team. Whether it be at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium or watching at your favorite local place to hang, like Chevys, here are some things you should know about the tradition of tailgating.

Throwback to the Beginning

USNA Bill the Goat logo

The current athletics logo for the USNA.

It might come as a surprise, but the USNA’s football program is one of the oldest ones in the USA. That’s right. It dates back to 1879 when two first-classmen helped shape the beginning of the football team. Even Walter Camp, the “father of American football” credits one of the USNA’s first-classmen as the originator of the first football uniform. Even with that, it wasn’t until 1882 that they would have a coach and be supported by the Academy officials.

USNA Football even predates Bill the Goat. The first goat was called El Cid and showed up in 1983 at the Army-Navy Game that year. It was the debut of the mascot and a gift to the Midshipmen from officers of the USS New York. Since Navy won against Army, the goat was made official and adopted as part of the team.

Fast Forward to Today

You’ve seen the white tents surrounding the stadium every home game. This is referred to as perimeter tailgating by the Naval Academy Athletic Association (NAAA). If you have a large group (over 20), try going to the great Annapolis Tailgate party, Navy Fest. There is also the Captain’s BBQ for smaller groups. All of which can be catered by yours truly. Further, we highly recommend stopping by the USNA Museum and the gift shop in The Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center.

Chevys Annapolis location loves taking part in this local tradition, and we love the history of Navy football tailgating. In any case, spice up your next tailgate with our platters. Check out our catering menu here.