Fresh Mex Food Trucks: Bringing the Flavor to Your Neighborhood

Chevys Food Trucks Maryland - Fresh Mex Food Trucks

Food trucks have become a beloved culinary trend in recent years, offering various delectable dishes that cater to every palate. Among the many food truck options available, Fresh Mex food trucks have emerged as favorites, delighting taste buds with their fusion of Mexican and American flavors. These mobile kitchens are bringing Mexico’s vibrant, spicy, and flavorful cuisine to your neighborhood, one delicious bite at a time.

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Chevys Taco Party Menu Options & Catering Tips

Taco Bliss: A Culinary Journey Through Events and Menus

Tacos are the ultimate crowd-pleasers, and there’s no denying their universal appeal. From casual gatherings to formal events, tacos can be the star of the show or a delightful addition to the menu. Chevys is going to introduce or reintroduce you to the versatility of tacos and share catering tips and menu ideas to make your next event a taco-tastic success!

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Our 5 Favorite Places to Visit with Our Food Truck

Slider Image - Food Trucks

It’s easy to satisfy your craving for Fresh Mex fare by simply visiting the nearest Chevys location to snack on fresh tableside guac or a savory fajita burrito, or sip on signature margaritas. Your options for dining delight expand even further when you follow our food truck and show up to scheduled stops at some of our favorite places to visit.

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Food Trucks vs. Traditional Catering — Which One Is Best for Your Event?

Food Trucks vs. Traditional Catering - Wedding Catering Food Truck Chevys

When it comes to providing food for an event, food trucks have become an extremely popular option in recent years. So much so that the food trucks vs. traditional catering debate is now a common and difficult one for many event planners. Do you go with the tried and true method or the newer, less familiar one? The answer to that question is going to depend on your answer to a few other questions. To help you get there, we’ve included those questions below, along with some useful details about them. We hope it can help guide you in the right direction.

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Reasons Why Renting a Food Truck is Getting More Popular for Event Catering

Renting A Food Truck is Getting More Popular For Event Catering

The food truck revolution is well underway in cities and towns across the country. Food trucks provide the convenience of fast food paired with the gourmet appeal of an upscale restaurant. It’s no surprise, then, that renting a food truck is becoming a popular option when it comes to providing tasty vittles for all kinds of events. While traditional, sit-down catering is still expected for elegant affairs, food trucks are now apropos for every event. You can find them at casual outdoor weddings and family reunions. They pop up everywhere, from charity galas and corporate product launches to neighborhood block parties. Why are food trucks trending as an attractive catering option? Here are a few reasons you might want to book a Fresh Mex food truck from Chevys for your next soiree.

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Make a Splash with Chevys Food Truck at Your Local Pool

Chevys Food Truck at Your Local Pool

What better way to make community time in the summer even better than by having Chevys food trucks at your local pool? Spicing up swim time in the neighborhood with one of our trucks is an awesome way to bring smiles to swimmers and pool-siders alike. Having a food truck offers some amazing benefits not only to pool-goers but also to the local pool staff members, too. There are more than 35,000 food trucks in the country, but there are only two Chevys food trucks, and they’re available right here in Hanover and Annapolis! Local pools are places where members of our communities come together to spend quality time on gorgeous summer days. Chevys supports all of the local pools and is happy to offer our food trucks to make summer days unforgettable.

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For the Love of Guac – Why Is It So Popular?


Fresh Mex food is always a welcome addition to the average diet, thanks to fresh ingredients that awaken the senses and create a memorable dining experience. While you could wax poetic about the comfort of warm homemade tortillas or the sensory kick of sizzling fajitas, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate the addition of fresh, creamy guacamole to any Fresh Mex meal. Why is this delectable green dip so popular? Whether you go for the tableside guac when dining in at Chevys, frequent our food trucks, or book us to cater your wedding with an out-of-this-world taco bar, guac is a must-have starter, side, or snack. What, exactly, makes mashed avocados such a beloved addition to Fresh Mex fare?

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Why Chevys’ Food Trucks Are a Great Way to Kick Off Your Block Party

Chevys' Food Trucks

Are you looking for one of the best ways to celebrate with your neighbors? Ready to light up the biggest smiles on every face on the block? If so, you are in the right place! Chevys’ has two food trucks waiting and ready to bring the world of delicious resh mex to your street! Let us help you light up the night with some of the best food around.

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