Fresh Mex Food Trucks: Bringing the Flavor to Your Neighborhood

Food trucks have become a beloved culinary trend in recent years, offering various delectable dishes that cater to every palate. Among the many food truck options available, Fresh Mex food trucks have emerged as favorites, delighting taste buds with their fusion of Mexican and American flavors. These mobile kitchens bring our vibrant, spicy, and flavorful cuisine to your neighborhood, one delicious bite at a time.

Fresh Mex Food Trucks – Sol Uno & Sol Dos

Fresh Mex Food TrucksIt seems like yesterday, and yet forever ago (you know the feeling!), that we decided to break away from just a traditional restaurant to include food trucks! It started with our first, in 2020, and then we expanded to our second, Sol Dos!

And the timing was good since the landscape of restaurant eating was changing due to the pandemic. Being able to come to people’s neighborhoods was more than just practical; it was a great way to stay connected during such a difficult time.

For us, starting a food truck wasn’t easy, and we made some mistakes along the way, but there were three important factors:

  1. Authentic Flavors – It was key to keep our commitment to fresh and quality ingredients, even when being mobile. Actually, if anything, it helps promote it even more as we make everything to order.
  2. Affordability – Our trucks offer a budget-friendly dining option. You can order as much or as little as you wish. It’s perfect for businesses, parties, neighborhoods, weddings, and special occasions.
  3. Convenience – The mobility of food trucks is a game-changer. Our food trucks can pop up in various locations, from office buildings to neighborhood parks. And people can order precisely what they want.

The Menu: A Fusion of Flavors

Chevys Fresh Mex food trucks include our most popular menu items. Here is a look at what you can get:

  • Street Tacos Chevys trucks offer an array of tacos filled with options like fried Tilapia, steak, or grilled chicken. They are served on a flour tortilla with fresh cabbage, avocado salad, and our wow sauce!
  • Fajita Burritos – These are delicious burritos with your favorite fajita flavors. Stuffed with your choice of steak, chicken, or veggies. It also includes rice, beans, and cheese (and more veggies if you wish!)
  • Quesadillas These cheesy delights are often made with freshly pressed tortillas and stuffed with a choice of meats, vegetables, and cheese. They’re grilled to perfection, resulting in a crispy exterior and a gooey, flavorful interior.
  • Flautas  These crispy, rolled tortillas filled with flavorful ingredients offer a delightful combination of textures and flavors, making them a must-try. They are served with our wow sauce and jalapeno jelly.
  • Fresh Chips & Salsa We take pride in our homemade chips and fresh salsa. But those aren’t the only options. You can also get guacamole and chili con queso! Get them all and have a burst of flavor with every bite.

Creating Community Through Fresh Mex

Beyond our delicious offerings, Chevys food trucks contribute to the vibrant tapestry of local communities. They often become a hub for social interaction, bringing together people from different backgrounds over a shared love for good food. The sense of community and camaraderie around our mobile kitchens adds to our appeal and makes them an integral part of the neighborhood.

Chevy’s Fresh Mex food trucks are more than just a trendy dining option – they’re a culinary experience that brings the flavors of Fresh Mex to your neighborhood. With our commitment to authenticity, affordability, and convenience, they have become a beloved fixture in Annapolis and surrounding areas street food. So, the next time you spot Chevys’ colorful truck parked on your street, be sure to stop by and savor the mouthwatering fusion of Mexican and American flavors they offer.

Please contact us and schedule your neighborhood, or review the calendar and see where we will be next. Your taste buds will thank you!