Our 5 Favorite Places to Visit with Our Food Truck

It’s easy to satisfy your craving for Fresh Mex fare by visiting Annapolis or Arundel Mills Chevys locations. You can snack on fresh tableside guac or a savory fajita burrito and sip on our signature margaritas. Your options for dining delight expand even further when you follow our food truck and show up to scheduled stops at some of our favorite places to visit.

However, that isn’t the only way to enjoy our food trucks. You can rent them for special events too! And while we love doing individual events, we do have some favorites. So here are some locations where you’re most likely to find our food truck when we aren’t in your local neighborhoods.

1. Back-To-Schools We Go

Both teaching and learning can work up quite an appetite, which is why bringing a food truck to campus is always a good idea. Lunchtime tacos are a great way to boost energy and reboot the brain. In addition, our menu is the ideal way to complement luncheons, school events, and fundraisers.

Whether you’re an administrator putting together a luncheon to recognize teaching staff, a member of a student organization hosting a fundraiser, or simply looking for ways to make school events that much more appealing, a visit from the Chevys food truck is sure to exceed student and staff expectations.

2. Let’s Play Ball

Not every sporting complex has concession stands, especially when it comes to youth clubs or adult leagues. Having a food truck is a great way to have the entire family enjoy the time while not getting hangry. Sure, one could prep, pack, and even possibly cook on-site. But it can be a hassle. Only to have to pack everything up again and then clean everything when you get home.

If you’d rather relax on game day but still bask in the social element of connecting with other parents or teammates over food, gathering by the Chevys food truck is undoubtedly the way to go. Whether we’re serving at tournaments or games, sports complexes are high on the list of our favorite places to visit, thanks to their fun and festive atmosphere.

3. Special Life Events

It’s hard to imagine a special occasion that couldn’t be made even better by adding made-to-order tacos. Maybe you’re hosting a hip, modern wedding and looking for unique alternatives to formal catering. Perhaps you want to spice up a baby shower, please a wide range of tastes (including picky eaters) at a birthday party with family and friends, or turn a graduation party into an all-out fiesta.

Food trucks are a fun way to elevate the atmosphere at all kinds of special events. And instead of you or your family being stuck in the kitchen, you can enjoy momentous occasions. You can’t go wrong with the convenience and Fresh Mex appeal of Chevys.

4. Your Office Lunch

Nothing brightens our day like showing up to an office full of employees ready for some Fresh Mex. Sometimes it’s for special occasions; other times, it’s just a nice gesture from management. Either way, we love to see people out from behind their desks and socializing. It’s like the new water cooler.

If you’re in charge of organizing events for your company, finding culinary options to please the entire staff is difficult. That is why food trucks can be so appealing. Everyone can order exactly what they want. Also, tacos are always a welcome treat, no matter the occasion. We love to participate in events that show appreciation to customers or staff. Whether you’re hosting luncheons or store events, a little Fresh Mex will go a long way toward putting employees and patrons alike in a great mood.

5. Local Swimming Pools

One of the biggest reasons we do what we do is for the community. And to us, there is no better way to see the communities we love than to visit their local swim clubs. This is why Chevys can often be found serving food at swim meets and other pool events. It’s great for kids and adults alike. Parents can worry less about packing the entire fridge, and kids usually love tacos! Win-win.

Our Food Truck Takes Tasty Fresh Mex To You

Whether you plan to head to local events to enjoy the atmosphere and a few Fresh Mex treats, or you’re thinking about visiting one of our neighbor locations, make any time a great time to stop by Chevys and enjoy your favorite dishes.