Make a Splash with Chevys Food Truck at Your Local Pool

What better way to make community time in the summer than having a Chevys food truck at your local pool? Spicing up swim time in the neighborhood with one of our trucks is a fantastic way to bring smiles to swimmers and pool-siders alike. Having a food truck offers some amazing benefits not only to pool-goers but also to the local pool staff members, too.

Local pools are where members of our communities come together to spend quality time on gorgeous summer days. Chevys is happy to offer our food trucks to make summer days unforgettable. There are more than 35,000 food trucks in the country, but there are only two Chevys food trucks, and they’re available right here in Anne Arundel County, Maryland!

Why Host a Chevys Food Truck at Your Local Pool This Summer?

There are plenty of reasons to have Chevys come to your local pool this summer; just ask the many places we’ve come to!

A Unique Summer Poolside Experience

Chevys food trucks offer people at the pool a unique experience with authentic, fresh food that they just can’t get anywhere else. We have delicious Fresh Mex food for hungry swimmers in a convenient, easy way. People of all ages at the pool can come up as they please and fuel their bodies for more swimming. After all, everyone knows that the more you swim, the hungrier you get!

Speaking of getting hungry. Chevys food trucks also offer the flexibility to parents to not always have lunch packed for the pool time. Forget to bring enough snacks? Maybe your kids just eat until they fill their hollow legs? No worries! We are a perfect solution to curb a craving.

Community Growth & Support

There’s nothing like a good food truck to turn a fun time at the pool into a day-long swimming party! A great community pool unites neighbors and gets them out and about.  Our Fresh Mex is social food, plain and simple. When people eat delicious food, it’s natural for them to be happy, feel great, and come back to the local pool next time for more memorable summer experiences.

It also supports a Maryland small business. Chevys has been locally owned and operated since 1998. Using local businesses like ours strengthens our community. Using our food trucks offers the local municipalities tax revenues and promotes entrepreneurship. We hire local people, buy from local sources, and sell to local customers.

Making the Most for Your Pool Members

Having Chevys food trucks is just one more reason your members love coming to your pool. Who wouldn’t want to spend a fun day at the pool with the best Fresh Mex within an easy distance? Everyone at the pool can get the food and drinks they want when they want them without leaving the poolside, and that’s a win for everyone.

Again, it is also less work and energy for them. Instead of bringing all the food, storing all the drinks, and keeping snacks on hand, a food truck allows them to enjoy more pool time. Ultimately, that is what any local pool wants for its members – a fun time during the summer.

Ready to book our Chevys food truck to feed hungry swimmers at your local pool? Contact us today about renting our food trucks and see our availability on our calendar.