Reasons Why Renting a Food Truck is Getting More Popular for Event Catering

While traditional, sit-down catering is still expected for elegant affairs, food trucks are now apropos for just about any event. They pop up everywhere, from charity galas and corporate product launches to neighborhood block parties. The food truck revolution is well underway. Food trucks provide the convenience of small, customizable bites. So, it’s no surprise that renting a food truck is becoming a popular option when it comes to providing tasty vittles for all kinds of events.

Why are food trucks trending as an attractive catering option? Here are a few reasons you might want to book a Fresh Mex food truck from Chevys for your next soiree.

1. People Pick What They Love

When you hire a caterer for an event, you have to choose a specific menu, often with just a couple of options for guests. You also have to decide what to order well before the actual event. This can mean a lot of assuming dietary preferences. Trying to account for everyone’s taste can be a logistical nightmare (and also expensive!)

Food trucks typically feature a moderate range of choices. Guests will be able to choose what they want at the event. This provides more opportunities for personalization, not to mention satisfied diners. Because many items are made-to-order, you don’t have to worry about making sure Aunt Sue gets her extra guacamole. 🥑

2. Self-Contained Catering & Kitchen

Typical catering often requires an on-site kitchen facility or a set-up area for warming or cooling food, plating, and so on. Renting a food truck eliminates this need. This means you can enjoy delicious catering nearly anywhere, regardless of kitchen facilities.

Food trucks are essentially self-contained kitchens. They come complete with everything needed to store, prep, cook, and serve menu items. Any mess is contained, making for easy clean-up after the event. And a food truck requires only minimal staff. This can also open your venue options for your event to more non-traditional locations that might not have a kitchen for catering.

3. Renting a Food Truck Delivers a Movable Feast

Like we just said, if a venue doesn’t have a kitchen, no worries. If your event is in an outdoor or remote area or facility, it can still work! Also, you might plan on changing locations during the course of your event. Either way, your food truck — and your feast — can travel wherever you need them. Food trucks are limited only by the truck’s ability to traverse the terrain.

4. Cost-Effective Food Service

When it comes to catering your event, you might suffer some sticker shock. In 2022, the average cost of catering an event like a wedding is a whopping $75 per person. Keeping your guests fed can quickly add up. Luckily, food truck catering can help you curb costs.

First, you don’t have to worry about food waste, as much of the food is made-to-order. Secondly, you won’t pay for expenses like wait staff and fine China place settings. This means that you can likely have your event catered for far less when you choose a food truck. Lastly, depending on the event you’re hosting, you might even elect to let attendees pay for their own food. Food trucks that have their own POS system onboard can manage this easily.

5. Support Your Favorite Local Eatery

Do you want your favorite Fresh Mex meals for an upcoming event? Renting a food truck is not only fun and fulfilling, but it also allows you to support a local business like Chevys. Support local small businesses while enjoying outstanding food that you and your guests will love. It’s a win-win.

We have tons of delectable options when it comes to renting a food truck for your event. You’ll have no trouble serving up the Chevys faves everyone at your event will love, paired with all of the convenience food trucks have to offer. Contact us today to learn more about renting a food truck for your upcoming event.