Why Chevys’ Food Trucks Are a Great Way to Kick Off Your Block Party

Are you looking for one of the best ways to celebrate with your neighbors? Ready to light up the biggest smiles on every face on the block? If so, you are in the right place! Chevys’ food trucks are a great way to spice up your community. We have two food trucks waiting and ready to bring the world of delicious Fresh Mex to your neighborhood! Let us help you bring friends and family together with some of the best food around.

1. Explore the Tantalizing Tastes of Fresh Mex

Have you ever bitten into one of Chevys’ delicious Churro Bites? Or had tacos burst with so much flavor that you’ll line up for more, again and again? If not, then don’t miss out on a truly savory experience. Our Fresh Mex food trucks will blow your neighborhood friends away with a hot selection of traditional favorites scratch-made from only the freshest ingredients.

2. Everyone Can Get What They Want

Traditional catering can be a bit fancy for a black party so most people do BBQs or potlucks. With BBQ there is usually one or more people who what to work on cooking the entire time (not always fun!). Or if you decide to do a potluck – you never know what food will actually be good. You’ve probably seen it before too. Some foods get eaten first, and others just sit out. Our food trucks are a different story.

Hungry neighbors from around the block can come up for seconds, thirds, or more! Not only will they be delighted with the flavor, but they’ll get exactly what they want! At the end of the day, everyone up and down the street will be glad they came out to party.

Chevys' Food Trucks3. Bring the Community Together

A good block party unites neighbors and breaks down social barriers. The best way to do that is with Chevys’ food trucks on standby. Why? Because Fresh Mex is social food. There’s a certain magic in every explosive bite that makes people want to mingle. Once the party begins, it won’t be long until everyone on the block is chatting, with delicious tacos in hand.

4. Forget About After-Event Cleanup

When you’re putting a party together, there’s one not-so-fun detail you shouldn’t forget — cleanup. At most parties, someone is left holding the bag (a trash bag, specifically). Once the party clears out, there tends to be a lot of mess, especially in the kitchen.

A food truck takes a lot of that stress off your plate. When everything is said and done, we can take our kitchen and drive it away. You won’t have to clean a single pot, pan, or grill!

5. Food Trucks Are Perfect for Any Event

Chevys’ food trucks are the perfect complement for any event. Is there a big game coming up with lots of hungry fans to feed? We’ll be there! Want a flavorful way to celebrate the couple who’s about to get married? We’ll deliver the best Fresh Mex you could hope for. Need a way to show a little appreciation for your teams at work? We make it easy (and delicious)!

Book Chevys’ Food Trucks Today

Chevys has two food trucks ready to bring the fun (and the food) to any event you have set up. To enjoy one of our food trucks, all you have to do is sign up online. You can book us for a private event, but you can also stop by anytime one of our food trucks is in your neighborhood.

If you’re looking for a great food truck for a fall or winter event, we can help! As long as the weather is safe and no surprise winter storms hit, we can be there to bring some spice to your event! So book Chevys’ food trucks today — you won’t regret it!

(P.S. We also have platters available for smaller functions too!)