We Are Excited to Introduce Our New Food Truck

new food truck

We now have double the fun with our new food truck – Sol Dos!

You may have noticed, or even seen it out on the town – we have a new food truck! Our second Chevys food truck is called Sol Dos. It’s just another great way to bring your favorite Fresh Mex. That also means you have double the chances to rent our food trucks.

If you are just looking to catch us out on the town, check out our monthly calendar. You can see where we will be and if we are booked. The food trucks run from 10 am to 8 pm daily. If you don’t see your community on the calendar, contact us today. We are happy to see if we can make that happen!

What to Expect With Chevys Food Trucks

First, and foremost, great food. But beyond that, you get convenience. It’s not always easy figuring out every dinner, day in and day out. It is also not easy to take the family out to a sit-down restaurant.

This is why food trucks are amazing! Everyone can get what they want and it’s usually just a walk or small drive in your community. Here is the menu we are currently running for our new food truck:

While it isn’t the full menu at Chevys, it is a taste of Fresh Mex and our more popular dishes. Who doesn’t love some street tacos?! It’s also a great way to grab some chips and salsa on the go.

Can I Book A Food Truck For An Event?

Yes! That’s the great part about having two food trucks, is that we can now be in our local communities and do events. This includes weddings, graduations, celebrations, or anything in between. Here are our favorite reasons for booking a food truck for your event:

  1. It takes less time. Yup. Less set up, less cleanup, less organization on your end. We are all for more is less.
  2. Food trucks are meant for outdoor events. With summer here, this is a great option because we bring our kitchen with us.
  3. It’s just fun! People love the experience, young and old. Having a food truck at your event is unique in the best way.

There are way more reasons but these are just our favorites. If you are interested, contact us today. You can fill out a form on our website or email us. And make sure to check us out on where we will be next! Please note our food trucks run daily, so if you have an upcoming event, the more heads up the better.