5 Alternatives to Prom You’ll Want to Consider for Your Senior Parties

Senior Week and Prom are often considered a rite of passage for those who are getting ready to graduate High School. In years past, Chevys has participated in many Prom Breakfasts too. Unfortunately, many teens are facing the cancellation of these experiences because of situations beyond their control. Regardless of the barriers, we must celebrate teens and their achievements. Check out some alternatives to prom and other senior year events.

5 Alternatives to Prom and Senior Parties

An amazing way to celebrate your Senior students this spring is to host alternatives to Senior Week or consider one of the following amazing alternatives to Prom that can be done at home.

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1. Rent a Food Truck for Your Outdoor Gathering

If you’re planning to throw a little celebration at home or outdoors, then consider renting a food truck! Your Senior students will be ecstatic to have some of their favorite foods to enjoy while celebrating with their friends.

2. Have a Virtual Game Night and Order In

If your child is an indoor person, then consider a virtual game night. Get in contact with your child’s friends and their parents to collaborate on a theme for the evening and the types of food you will order to create the atmosphere of being together while being apart.

3. Dress Up and Head to Your Child’s Favorite Restaurant

If you want to go all out with your prom night alternative, encourage your senior student to invite a few of their closest friends out to dinner and have everyone dress up in their Prom best! Regardless of the dress code at the restaurant, have everyone dress their best and enjoy a night out.

4. Dress Up Your Backyard for a Night of Dancing

Now, if you want to do something more traditional for your prom night alternative, then why not let your child invite their friends over and dress up for the occasion. Take the time to dress up your backyard or garage with a traditional prom theme in mind. Balloons, cheap streamers – the works!

5. Drive by Celebrations

If you’re looking for an alternative to Senior Week (that doesn’t involve a party) to help you celebrate your senior and their friends, why not consider setting up a drive-by parade in their honor? This can be done in several ways, including:

  • Individual celebrations – where family/friends drive by a single student’s home, honking their horns or even dropping off presents.
  • Yard signs – Whether on your block or surrounding the school, create yard signs that can be placed along the road with each child’s name. Consider working with the school to have signs created for all graduating students and having them placed in the schoolyard while scheduling time for a neighborhood “honk-off”.

Let Chevys Help You Celebrate Your Senior Students

No matter what your alternatives to Prom may be, let Chevys help you celebrate! Whether you’re coming in to enjoy some of your favorite Fresh Mex, or you need help to cater a small gathering for your Seniors and their friends – we have several options available to bring the great flavors of Chevys to you. Contact us today for more information!