Why a Taco Bar and Your Wedding Are a Match Made in Heaven

Is your special day approaching? Are you still looking for catering options to make your wedding reception truly unforgettable? Your first thought might not be “the greatest taco bar you’ve ever set your sights on,” but it absolutely should be.

A taco bar prepared by Chevys will not only satisfy every guest’s appetite, but it will also bring your guests together like never before and give them something to taco ‘bout! Best of all, you can save a pretty penny by choosing a taco bar versus more expensive catering options. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your wedding, a taco bar is a perfect choice.

Fuel for the Mingling

Want your guests to come out of their shells and have fun at your wedding? Then go with a taco bar set-up!

First of all, everyone loves tacos. They’re a classic, irresistible meal that explodes with flavor from the first bite to the last. Once your reception starts and your taco bar is unveiled, your guests will likely go wild as they stack their plates with our delicious Fresh Mex. You can bet they’ll clear their dishes in a flash and get back in line for more.

The other beautiful thing about a taco bar is the way it brings people together. Tacos are a social food. They satisfy vegans, vegetarians, and meat lovers alike, and they’re great for sharing. If you have bar service, even better. Tacos are among the best foods to pair with margaritas, cocktails, mojitos, tequila, and sangria.

Before long, you can expect to see all your guests chatting, mingling, and making best friends… at least for the night!
wedding taco bar Chevys

Tacos Are Unbeatable Value & Party Food

Most catering services put a massive dent in your wedding budget. A taco bar, on the other hand, is much more affordable. It’ll cost about half as much per person as your typical entree, and you won’t have to sacrifice substance or flavor, either. If you’re looking to save money, especially if you have a larger reception, a taco bar will provide the best value.

If you choose to have additional catering alongside your taco bar, your tacos can serve as a delightful snack as the party goes on. Long after your heavier entrees get packed away, your tacos can serve as a pick-me-up for anyone needing a little boost long into the night.

Amazing Fresh Mex Taco Bar Options

You have several delicious options to customize your tacos when you choose Chevys for your wedding taco bar. We can prepare dozens of soft or crunchy tacos using hand-crafted flour tortillas. You can enjoy your choice of savory picadillo beef or perfectly seasoned salsa chicken and stuff your taco with rice, refried beans, or black beans. To top it all off, we’ll dress your tacos in cheddar cheese, jack cheese, lettuce, sour cream, and pico de gallo.

The tacos we prepare for your wedding are totally customizable. We can load your tacos with exactly the right ingredients to create a hearty meal or reflect any dietary restrictions. When it comes to how many tacos you need, the choice is yours. We can prepare enough to supply two tacos per person or three tacos per person.

Get A Wedding Taco Bar Catering with Chevys

Chevys is a family-friendly, community-driven restaurant and catering service dedicated to mind-blowing Fresh Mex. When you visit us, you can always expect only the freshest ingredients and inspired handcrafted food made from scratch. It’s our mission to bring friends and family together over flavorful bites they won’t forget. We have many catering options including our food truck, buffet menus (including tacos), and more!

Are you looking for tasty Fresh Mex for your wedding? Look no further than Chevys. Call or contact us with details, and we’ll start cooking.