Creative and Healthy Taco Topping Ideas

Sometimes, taco night doesn’t bring you the excitement you’re craving. After all, you’ve had tacos about a thousand times. That’s precisely the right occasion to have another taco night. But this time, feel free to get a little weird with some creative (and healthy) taco topping ideas.

Taco Topping Ideas

Tacos are fantastic. Not just because of how delicious and easy to make they are, but because you can throw pretty much any ingredient in the mix and still enjoy them. These nine taco topping ideas are guaranteed to spice up your next taco night.

Poached Eggs

Poaching your eggs is the healthiest way to prepare them, limiting cholesterol while retaining all the nutrients. And they taste amazing on a taco. With a poached egg on top, you can let the yolk run down through the contents of the taco for a different (and delicious) little bite. Don’t let the other taco topping ideas fool you. This is one of the best!

Pineapple Salsa

For a Hawaiian-style taco, you could try crushing up some pineapple. Add some tomatoes and onions, and you’ll have a colorful, tropical salsa. Dress your taco with this, and you’ll add a nice layer of sweetness to your taco’s rich, savory beef.

Mango Salsa

As an alternative to pineapple, you can use mangos to make your salsa. That works especially well if you’re planning on spicing up your taco for more heat. The natural sweetness from the mangos will pair beautifully with the richer flavors from your tacos.


Scallions offer an earthy tone that compliments the savory flavors that come with a taco. They have a pleasant, light aroma, add some crunch, and provide a beautiful garnish you’ll love to chew on.

Black Olives

Either chopped up or whole, black olives will complement your tacos with a strong aroma and distinct earthiness. While black olives can have a strong flavor, they won’t overwhelm the flavor you would expect from a good taco. Instead, they’ll add a sweetness that goes hand in hand with those savory flavors.

Lime Juice

The ground beef in your taco gets a lot of its flavor from its sodium content. If your ground beef came out a little bland, don’t worry! You can safely skip the salt shaker by adding some lime juice. Lime juice will add a curious zestiness to your tacos. Best of all, you only need a little bit to make it flavorful.

Pickled Radishes

Pickled radishes are a popular Korean dish that can bring your tacos to life. With a little bit of crunch and their signature tangy flavors, you’ll be surprised you haven’t tried this before. If you are really feeling adventurous, try kimchi.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Your tacos will pair perfectly with the sweet, melty glory of roasted sweet potatoes. Add some taco seasoning, and you’ll be in heaven. This is a great vegetarian option too if you want to have meatless tacos. Mixed with black beans, avocado, sour cream, and a pinch of lime, yummy!

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