Fresh Mex Menu Items for Picky Eaters to Try

When you’re craving some authentic Mexican cuisine but want to focus on fresh, all-natural ingredients, Fresh Mex is the way to go! However, even if you pick a restaurant with a varied menu full of options for any craving or preference, you may have a problem finding the perfect meal for that picky eater in your life.

Best Fresh Mex Meals for the Picky Eater

Whether your picky eater has multiple food allergens to work around or simply struggles to try unfamiliar flavors, we’ve got you covered. You’re sure to find something that your friend or family member will enjoy, and it might even encourage them to branch out more and keep trying new things.

Quesadilla (Chicken or Steak)

When it comes to picky eaters, you can’t go wrong with the classic quesadilla. One of the best things about quesadillas is the ability to customize them to your exact specifications. Some picky eaters prefer strictly cheese and tortilla for their quesadilla. However, if they’re feeling adventurous, they could always add chicken or steak to boost the protein content of their meal and create a more satisfying experience. What’s more, a quesadilla slice makes a great vehicle for some tasty guacamole, sour cream, or even a dab of hot sauce for the picky eater who is ready to truly step out of their comfort zone.

Classic Tacos

Similarly to quesadillas, tacos are a classic Fresh Mex dish for their customizable nature (who doesn’t love tacos?!). You can order your tacos as mild or as spicy as you prefer, and you can also tailor the number of tacos in your order to how hungry you are. If your picky eater finds that they aren’t too fond of one or two of the ingredients in their tacos, it’s easy to pick them out with a fork and enjoy the rest of the meal.

Housemade Tortilla Soup

If you’re out to dinner with a picky eater or someone who simply isn’t sure what they’d like to eat, you can’t go wrong with some warm and comforting tortilla soup made in-house with fresh, healthy ingredients. The rich broth mixed with hearty chicken, tortilla strips, roasted corn, and cotija cheese provides some of the best flavors of Fresh Mex in a manner that’s easy to eat and just as easy to share. And if your picky eater decides that they want something a bit more substantial after their soup, it makes a great appetizer!

Crispy Chicken Flautas

Crispy chicken flautas are a Fresh Mex favorite for many reasons. Besides being prepared authentically with fresh ingredients, flautas are a simply delicious entrée that is sure to satisfy even the most sensitive palate. With a perfect combination of tender and crispy chicken, cheese, corn, and fire-roasted peppers, crispy chicken flautas are a well-rounded and satisfying meal that will cure a hungry belly quickly. Eating with someone who doesn’t dig spice? Leave the jalapeño jelly out or order it on the side for others to enjoy.

Fresh Mex Sampler

Perhaps you’re dining out with someone who wants to expand their flavor palate but simply can’t decide what they’d like to order when you’re out to eat. In a situation like this, the Fresh Mex Sampler is a perfect choice. With smaller but still substantial portions of chicken fajita nachos, chicken quesadilla, crispy chicken flautas, and border wings, you and your date for the evening are sure to find a flavor you love!

Find Your Next Fresh Mex Favorite at Chevys

When it comes to picky eaters, we completely understand. As a family-owned and locally operated restaurant, we’ve dealt with plenty ourselves. That is why we work with all our customers to make sure their meal is exactly what they want. If you are hungry for an unforgettable Fresh Mex experience in Maryland, look no further than Chevys! We also have fuss-free pick-up options when you order online. Hope to see you soon!