Crowd-Pleasing Appetizers Every Fresh Mex Gathering Needs

Summer is a great time to gather family and friends. Be it at the park, the beach, or even your backyard; it’s a great time to enjoy the weather and socialize. You don’t have to wait for the holidays to pair family and feasting — summer is the perfect time to get your Fresh Mex on! Before you dig into a pile of tasty tacos, tamales, or quesadillas, you’ll want to warm up the crowd with a heap of tantalizing appetizers. Everyone knows that no Taco Tuesday is complete without crispy tortilla chips and fresh guacamole, but what can you add to the table to please every palate?

Absolute Must: Fresh Guac

There’s just no denying the appeal of fresh, creamy guacamole chock-full of heart-healthy fats and gut-friendly fiber. It not only makes for a great addition to any meal from a health standpoint, but it also happens to be delicious on its own. You can also pair it with a wide range of Fresh Mex faves. Adding a dollop to tacos or nachos is a no-brainer, but fresh guacamole can also temper the heat of fajitas or enchiladas. It can also enhance the flavor profile of burritos, and serve as a great dipper for taquitos and quesadillas.

Crowd Pleaser: Nachos

What is it about a plate of nachos that’s so irresistible? Perhaps the fact that it’s basically the perfect food. The bed of crunchy, salty tortilla chips, topped with savory salsa chicken or picadillo beef, would be enough to satisfy some, but there are many more layers to love. Throw in some creamy refried beans, New Mexico red chile sauce, melty cheese, fresh guacamole, and peppy pico de gallo. This heaping platter of palate-pleasing goodness hits every flavor center. Don’t be surprised when this Fresh Mex classic  is the ultimate crowd pleaser.

Always a Hit: Wings

When it comes to finger foods, it’s hard to argue with the utility of chicken wings. It’s not just their bite-size appeal. They also happen to serve as the ideal blank slate for a range of sauces that appeal to every diner. Juicy chicken can be flavorful in its own right, but wings allow you to add various flavors. Wings are equally mouthwatering when bathed in Mexican BBQ sauce or spicy wing sauce. Either way, a dunk in creamy ranch creates an eye-popping flavor explosion that everyone will want to play on repeat.

Delicious Dip: Chile con Queso

It’s hard to argue with appetizers that include a melty, creamy, cheesy base with zesty pico de gallo. It gives you the heat of onions, garlic, jalapeños, and poblano peppers. Not only is the flavor combination featured in chile con queso divine, but the gooey texture also pairs perfectly with crisp tortilla chips. And really, who doesn’t love a good cheesy dip?!

Mix It Up: Fresh Mex Sampler

Sharing is caring. You might be tempted to hoard your nachos or wings, but you can’t help sharing a Fresh Mex Sampler. Our Fresh Mex Sample is complete with chicken fajita nachos, a chicken quesadilla, border wings, and crispy chicken flautas. It’s about bold flavors and a variety of options. All made with fresh ingredients. It’s all the appetizers on one dish!

Order Your Favorite Appetizers at Chevys

This comprehensive flavor journey truly has something for everyone. Guests can grab just what they like or try a little of everything. So whether you’re interested in catering your next gathering or love the convenience of food trucks, Chevys has all of the apps, main dishes, and sides to ensure a summer soiree you won’t soon forget. Contact us today to get your party planning underway.