What Does Your Favorite Fresh Mex Dish Say About You?

Have you ever wondered why you like what you like regarding your favorite fresh mex food? Well, there is science behind why you eat what you eat, especially when it comes to fresh mex cuisine.

Chevys Fresh Mex is a versatile menu that offers almost everyone options. Studies have shown that there are six broad personality-food archetypes and their favorite fresh mex staple. Don’t get us wrong; it’s not that these personalities won’t try new things, but often they have their favorite heavenly fresh mex dish.

Let’s dive into the science and see which one you are!

Favorite Fresh Mex Meal & Your Personality

Dr. Alan Hirsch, director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, conducted a study involving more than 2,500 adult men and women. The study showed that you could detect someone’s personality by the type of Mexican food they prefer.

Taco Lovers

Customers who prefer tacos are conscientious perfectionists. They make ideal workers because they accomplish monumental tasks and are masters of their domains. However, taco lovers must be careful of balance as they can become workaholics. They can often sacrifice spending quality time with friends and family when focusing on a passion. People who are taco lovers are most romantically compatible with quesadilla lovers.

Quesadilla Lovers

Quesadilla lovers are dependable and trustworthy friends and don’t like the spotlight. They’re hard workers more than leaders. People who love these cheesy tortillas like working behind the scenes. They work better in a team setting than solo. And when it comes to romance, they invest energy and effort to ensure stability and stamina.

Chips-and-Salsa and Fajita Lovers

It might not be surprising that these folks are successful, enjoy achievements, and are naturally born leaders. They don’t like to hear the word no and can’t stand to lose at anything. Highly persuasive, they are also decisive in their decisions. They also inspire those around them and are go-getters. Watch out for these fresh mex food lovers as they are very charming.

Burrito Lovers

Burrito lovers crave the center of attention and have a draw to the dramatics. These fresh mex lovers crave new and exciting experiences and quickly get bored with routines. They love almost anything that is trending and are very innovative people. They are outgoing, entertaining, and quite charming in any situation. Therefore it’s easy to see why burrito lovers don’t like coloring in the lines and doing things their way. Romantically they are compatible with just about anyone.

Taco Salad Lovers

Diners who prefer taco salad are kind, easygoing, secure in themselves, and understanding people. Ideally, they are the perfect friends, spouses, and parents. These favorite fresh mex food lovers are not rebels or rule breakers; they are risk averse and stick with what they know; tradition is key. That being said, they are stable individuals and are most compatible with those who love burritos.

Nacho Lovers

Nacho types are shy, quiet, reserved, secure in their identity, self-sufficient, and most productive when working alone. They don’t like being interrupted when working and will complete very detail-oriented tasks without mistakes – or at least very few. These fresh mex cuisine lovers are contemplative and reflective, and they enjoy being single and feel great about it!

Get Your Favorites at Chevys Today

Is the study right? Based on the fresh mex cuisine, which personality are you? Either way, we won’t judge your favorite fresh mex cuisine; to us, it’s all about great-tasting food and fun. Chevys invites you to stop in and order whatever you like for dine-in or carryout.