For the Love of Tacos – Employees’ Favorite Taco Fillings

Oh, for the love of tacos, one of America’s favorite comfort foods. You can do tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are adult and kid-friendly, and the taco fillings create endless possibilities.

Taco-bout a History

The word taco dates to 18th-century Mexican silver mines, where “taco” meant the small pieces of paper wrapped around gunpowder used to blow up the rock. One of the first taco descriptions from the late 19th century is “tacos de minero,” miner’s taco.

Miners carried these taco meals because they were easy to pack a full meal into and small enough for lunches. If you think about tacos, you have a well-rounded meal with vegetables, grains, and proteins.

In the 19th century, the word taco was adopted for the cuisine. A cuisine that centuries ago included freshly made, soft, flat corn tortillas filled with fish and cooked organs. The taco has genuinely evolved.

Chevys has become one of the most popular restaurants for the Fresh Mex taco experience. You can choose soft or hard tortillas, cheese, sour cream, meat or meatless, tomatoes, lettuce, salsa, and guacamole, to name a few.

Employee Favorites

Our team and guests are instrumental in developing their taco recipes based on what they like and dislike. Chevys knows the taco adaptability, and we are always open to creating the best meal experience for our team members and diners.

We polled our employees and found diversity in our employees’ menu likes, and there may be some menu choice favorites you share with our team.

Carne Asada Tacos

One team member loves Chevys carne asada with their favorite taco fillings being cilantro only, and two of our team love the carne asada with their favorite taco fillings of cilantro and onions only.

Chevys carne asada is grilled sliced beef from chuck steak,  skirt steak, flap steak, or flank steak. It is traditionally marinated, then grilled or seared to charred flavor perfection. Carne asada can be served alone or in tacos with your favorite taco fillings.

Lengua Tacos

Two of our team members love lengua with cilantro and onions. Lengua is beef tongue, which is a very tender, tasty meat, as the team can testify. Don’t let the cut of beef scare you; you will be pleasantly surprised, as many of our diners have found out. Lengua tacos come with favorite taco filling choices like chopped onion, tomato, cilantro, and wedges of lime.

Beef Birria Tacos

One of our favorite dishes is the beef birria tacos which two of our team members find most delicious. Our beef birria tacos are three handmade flour tortillas with melted jack cheese. A beef birria comes with a topping of an onion-cilantro mix, with a side of black beans, rice, marinated red onions, and consomme. Consommé is a delicious clear soup made from flavored stock or clarified broth, using egg whites to remove fat and sediment.

We also have a Chef’s Combo with a Beef Birria Taco, a cheese enchilada, and two potato chorizo taquitos served with black beans, rice, consommé & chipotle aioli.

Carnitas Tacos

Another two team members voted for carnitas with their favorite taco fillings, only cilantro, and onions. Carnitas are pulled pork meat from the pig shoulder region, slow-cooked until it’s easy to shred. Carnitas means “little meats,” often fixed with various spices.

Cabeza Tacos

One team member loves the cabeza with cilantro, onions, and verde salsa. Cabeza is typically the meat from the head of the cow but can also be from a pig. Steaming or grilling the head allows for ultimate tenderness. It is actually a very healthy meat option.

Since it is meat from the head, it is lean and full of flavor. In addition, it is lower in calories and a great way to get protein without having higher fat content. It is a popular meat throughout Mexican cuisine.

Get Your Favorite Taco Fillings at Chevys

Tacos can satisfy so many dietary needs. With the various wrappers (crunchy, soft, corn, flour, whole wheat, or lettuce leaf), the fillings, and the toppings, there is no end to the combinations when you use your imagination.

Chevys is your place to explore your imagination with your favorite taco fillings. We invite you to come in and dine with us or order something to go. We also have our Chevys Fresh Mex food trucks.