What You Need to Know About Fundraising With Chevys

Hosting a fundraiser can be stressful but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we want to make it easier. Chevys supports our location organizations, schools, and clubs by offering fundraisers at our two locations. All you have to do is set the date, spread the word using our customizable flyers, and show up to your event. We’ll supply the fun atmosphere and delicious cuisine. Most importantly, when people mention your club or organization, 15% of their food and drink sales will be donated back to you. It’s that simple! Here are some additional ways to make sure the fundraising with Chevys is a success.

Spread the Word

As soon as your event date is nailed down, spread the word so your attendees can plan ahead. What the best way to do that? Email, social media, and word-of-mouth. It makes fundraising with Chevys a success, try doing the following things:

  • Utilize Social Media – In the weeks/months leading up to your event, use social media (e.g. Facebook Events and Instagram Stories) to promote it. For example, share photos and content about your event, as well as stories about your organization or club’s members, and a countdown to the event day.
  • Create a #Hashtag – Create a fun #hashtag and encourage people to use it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This will also help you to find all of the photos and videos that people posted from the fundraiser.
  • Send Emails to Friends and Family – Beside posters and social media, consider sending 2-3 emails to close friends and family to boost attention for the event. Start with a ‘Save the Date’ email. Then, follow up with an event reminder two weeks before the fundraiser.
  • Focus on the Goal! – Establish a grand total that you would like to achieve for your group or organization. Overall, this will help create urgency and keep people motivated to donate and attend the event.

Here are also some frequently asked questions we get about fundraisers:

Is there a minimum?

Are there specific time slots?

What do I have to do for the order to count towards my fundraiser?

Is there any payment or tax information?

Do I have to dine in only? Can I come for lunch?

How do I get the flyers?

Can you make a check out to a person?

Can I pick up the check?

Start Fundraising With Chevys Today

We also help you promote your event! Simply, contact Chrissy Epley at (410) 573-9068 or send her a message using our online contact form. We will create a customizable flyer with the details of your upcoming event. And, remember, for every person that brings in their flyers, Chevys will donate a percentage of the proceeds to your organization. So, reach out today to start planning your fundraising event.