5 Cool Graduation Party Ideas

After the diplomas have been handed out and the graduates take their ceremonial walk across the stage, it’s time to cut loose! Graduation parties are a glorious time to celebrate and commemorate a well-earned achievement with family and friends. If you or your child has a graduation party coming up, there are tons of unique ways to make the day memorable. So, honor your grad and throw the perfect celebratory bash with these fun graduation party ideas.

1. Set Up a Photo Booth

graduation party ideas 3If your budget allows, hire a professional photo booth company to give your guests an opportunity to remember the party. Props only add to the fun. Even if your budget doesn’t allow for a professional photographer, you can still bring the photo booth experience to your party. Simply designate an area and add a backdrop or a large picture frame. Then, get some props, like toys, hats, masks, and costumes for guests to take photos at will. Finally, remember to have the guests upload their pictures with a unique hashtag, so you can look through them later.

2. Make an Advice Tree

The world outside of high school can be difficult to navigate. Therefore, ask for advice from ‘adulting pros’ by creating a DIY advice tree. Simply place patterned note cards under the tree with some clothespins and brief instructions. Then, as guests enter or prepare to leave your party, they can write down some words of advice, as well as notes and wishes.

3. Humble Brag With A Party Sign

Let’s be honest, your kid’s graduation is just as much about their achievements as it is about yours. (Parents you rock!) Why not show everyone how proud you are by making a yard sign? You can create each letter or the year and stake them in the front lawn. If you don’t want to go that big, try a simple blackboard sign. This can announce the location and act as a humble brag. Afraid your kid will be embarrassed? Well, isn’t that half the fun…

4. Organize a Cornhole Tournament

No outdoor graduation party is complete without some lawn games. Why not raise the stakes with some friendly competition? One surefire way to bring everyone together is with a cornhole tournament. After all, this is Maryland. Consider buying bean bags in their school colors or ones that go with the party theme. To make it even more fun, have a friendly wage or prize for the winners.

5. Rock Out with Karaoke

graduation party ideas 2

Karaoke has been a source of entertainment for decades. It’s instantly fun and allows everyone to loosen up. So, why not bring this same element of fun to your grad party? You can hire a DJ service or rent a karaoke machine. And, there are even smartphone apps available that offer guests a wide variety of songs. Or, add some nostalgia by creating a playlist of popular songs that came out during your school-age years or the year you were born.

More Graduation Party Ideas

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