5 Tips to Spice Up Your Holiday Party Catering

As the holidays draw near, it means the office holiday party is also just around the corner. And, if you’ve been tasked to plan the office party, it’s best to start making plans as early as now. Not sure where to start? Fret not, Chevys has a master plan to guarantee all of the guests have a joyous night. From holiday party catering to fun activities, here are some ideas to include in your planning guide.

Make Your Office Holiday Party Memorable

One of the goals of an office holiday party is to promote a closer bond among co-workers. In addition, the party should show appreciation to the employees and boost their morale. Therefore, it pays to go beyond the traditional and boring holiday parties and start planning one for the books. That being said, for a foolproof, fun, end-of-year office party, try these tips:

1. Choose a Theme

Stay away from the stale template of office parties that are the same every year. Instead, pick a fresh theme that everyone can look forward to participating in. How do you choose a theme? Brainstorming with your colleagues allows you to gather unique and interesting ideas from everyone. Remember, people support what they create. Nevertheless, make sure the theme you pick respects the company’s culture and values.

2. Pick Delicious Holiday Party Catering

Chevys Maryland Catering

If you’re considering the same catering from last year’s party, think again. This year, it’s time for real food with fresh flavors. Mexican foods are notoriously well-loved, especially if they’re made right. Needless to say, at Chevys, we only use the freshest ingredients in our Fresh Mex cuisine. No cans and no frozen packages.

Moreover, Chevys also offers fiesta platters for parties! Each platter serves four to eight people. You can choose from our Kick-Start Fiesta Platter, Fresh Salad Fiesta Platter, Tamale Fiesta Platters, Sizzling Fajitas Platter, and the Tacos, Enchiladas & Chile Rellenos Fiesta Platters. Just place an order and pick it up from one of our 3 locations.

3. Don’t Forget the Cocktails

Match the spices of the Fresh Mex with the right drinks. For an assortment of options, you can go with alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. However, the important aspect is including some signature cocktails that are fresh and new to everyone. Overall, drinks help to energize and loosen up the atmosphere, so you’ll want to bring your best cocktail recipes.

4. Get a Competition Going

A simple way to encourage your colleagues to look forward to the event is to start an early competition. You can divide your colleagues into teams and take part in the competition until the day of the party. Then, you can announce the results and the winners at the office holiday party. For example, break everyone into teams and let them build something or announce a DIY costume contest leading up to the event. Overall, the competition will help build momentum and excitement for the party.

5. Plan Party Activities

During the party, it’s important to keep the crowd engaged and excited. So, plan games and activities that promote audience participation. Try these fun ideas:

  • Wreath Toss: Place a bowl behind a hanging wreath and shoot marshmallows into the bowl. The person who has the most marshmallows in the bowl within a minute wins.
  • Jingle in the Trunk: Tie a tissue box filled with jingle bells around the lower waist of a person. The person should shake and jump to get the bells out within 60 seconds.

End the Year Right with Chevys!

This year, make the office holiday party one to remember. That way everyone will look forward to it next year! Most importantly, if you’re looking for Fresh Mexican cuisine that will turn your party into a fiesta, check out Chevys catering menu and platters. We are very proud to bring the flavors of Chevys to your office. And, as we like to say, the best parties always start with an authentic Mexican food experience!