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The Essentials for Making a Margarita at Home

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You’ve just gotten home from work and changed into relaxing clothes. Nothing would beat the refreshing taste of a well-made margarita. Plus, learning how to make your own margarita that can compete with a bar is a useful skill. Dedicated to making drinks from scratch with only fresh ingredients, Chevy’s wants to help you take your drink mixing game to the next level. Here are some of the essentials you’ll need to make a margarita at home.

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Drinks Under 200 Calories

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With the holidays approaching, there are even more opportunities to celebrate with drinks. And, it goes without saying that many alcoholic drinks are full of empty calories and sugar. But, your favorite cocktail shouldn’t weigh heavy on your waistline. Luckily, there are several low-calorie alternatives to your go-to beverage. So, whether you’re watching your diet or generally lead a healthy life, you don’t have to give up a good cocktail or a good time. You’ll find these 5 low-calorie drinks and more at Chevys.s and more at Chevys.

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10 Things We Love About Tacos

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At Chevys, we live and breathe tacos. In truth, we love tacos so much that we make all of them from scratch using only the freshest ingredients. If you’re wondering what there is to love about tacos, then today’s your lucky day. Here are 10 things we absolutely love about tacos.

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How to Make a Quesadilla at Home

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When you’re craving Mexican food, nothing hits the spot better than a quesadilla. The melted cheese, slightly crunchy tortilla and delicious toppings combine all your favorite flavors into one. Better yet, they’re a great choice for any meal of the day. The next time you’re craving Mexican fare, why not try making a quesadilla at home? They’re pretty easy to make. No special appliances are necessary. And on top of that, you’ll get to customize it exactly how you like it.

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Secret Menu Items at Chevys

Chevys Main Menu - quesadilla

It’s secret time and we’re spilling the tea. Can we trust you to keep a secret? Well, we have a little something up our sleeve that we’re dying to unveil: a secret menu! It’s created by Chevys fans for Chevys fans. And, of course, while we know our regular menu is virtually unbeatable, we wanted to introduce a few ‘hush hush’ secret menu items for the fans who can’t get enough. There’s more to come but for right now, check out what’s inside Chevys secret menu.

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Food Pairings with Margaritas

food pairings with margaritas

It’s always Margarita o’clock at Chevys. Who knew that two ounces of tequila, Cointreau, and fresh lime juice would make our heart so happy? Margaritas are also tasty and adaptable, whether you prefer them spicy or mild, frozen or on the rocks. Not to mention, there are plenty of great food-pairing options to bring out the great flavor of your Margarita. And, we’re talking more than just tacos and tequila (even though it’s a wonderful pairing, of course). Join us for a fiesta and try some new food pairings with Margaritas, whether you are into the classic, spicy, or fruity Margarita.

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New Moscow Mules at Chevys

Chevys Mules

This summer, Moscow Mules are your next go-to hot weather cocktail. The popular drink made of vodka, ginger beer, and freshly squeezed lime is famously served over ice in a copper mug. And not only are Moscow Mules spicy and full of flavor, but they’re also refreshing. That’s why we’re excited to announce the arrival of two new Mules at Chevys! Stop by and sip on some sunshine. 

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What Kind of Tequila Drinker Are You?

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Naturally, many of us have a tendency to morph personalities once the tequila starts flowing. Some people become more energetic and extroverted, while others may be more relaxed or even emotional. If you’ve noticed you or your friends’ personality subtly change after a few sips, it could be their ‘tequila alter ego’. Which leads us to beg the question: What kind of tequila drinker are you?

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Secrets to a Great Guacamole

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Mmmm… guacamole. It’s made almost entirely from our favorite food, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Avocados are delicious, versatile, and best of all healthy! They are full of plenty of good fats, as well as 20 vitamins and minerals like fiber, vitamin E, vitamin B6, potassium and folic acid in every serving. And, an avocado actually has more potassium than a banana! So, you can feel good about eating all of the guacamole you can get your hands on. Here are some secrets to a great guacamole.

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