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The Amazing Ancient History of Tamales

history of tamales

So you’ve never heard of tamales before? Ay caramba! Not only are they a great addition to the splendidness that is Latin food, but they also have a rich history among various groups that have lived in Central America for thousands of years. Before we learn more about the history of tamales, let’s find out exactly what they are and how to make them.

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5 Alternatives to Prom You’ll Want to Consider for Your Senior Parties

prom alternatives

Senior Week and Prom are often considered a rite of passage for those who are getting ready to graduate High School. In years past, Chevys has participated in many Prom Breakfasts too. Unfortunately, many teens are facing the cancellation of these experiences because of situations beyond their control. Regardless of the barriers, we must celebrate teens and their achievements. Check out some alternatives to prom and other senior year events.

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Taco ‘Bout Love – The Perfect Taco Toppings at Chevys

Chevys MD - Tacos

When you’re craving a taco, it’s not just about the perfectly cooked meat or fish, the melty cheese, or the tortilla. (Are you a softie, or do you like yours with a crunch? Either way, you can’t go wrong.) The taco toppings bring the experience to another level. In fact, we’d say the toppings are what make or break the dish. With the right toppings, the taco becomes transcendent.

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Immune-Boosting Foods You’ll Love & Ask For More Of

Everyone is working to improve their overall health and wellbeing as we move into the new year. For those that love to eat, that means learning about immune-boosting foods that can help you stay healthy. Believe it or not, there are a wide variety of immune-boosting foods that can be added to your favorite meals. Curious? Here are several immune-boosting foods you can work into any healthy diet.

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Our Chevys Customers Are Amazing

Chevys Customers - The Liverman Family

It would be a misconception to say we got into the restaurant business just for the food. In reality, at least for us, it has always been about the people. Being able to connect through food, atmosphere, and community is important to us at Chevys. That is why this year has been difficult. We’ve had to lessen interaction, the connection we have with our customers. Still, this year has shown us more than most how amazing our Chevys customers are. Communities throughout Maryland have rallied behind locally-owned restaurants in a way that truly makes us feel blessed. However, there are always those customers, the ones that feel like family, that really make this experience worth-while. For us, that is customers like Jeff and Kendra Liverman.

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What’s Happening at Chevys

What's Happening at Chevys

Ho Ho Holy Moly – 2020 has been a year! With it, it has brought tough times and good times. At Chevys, it has been a year of endings and new beginnings. That is why we want to take the time, to our loyal customers, to let you know what’s happening and what we’ve been up to. Some you might know about, others might be news to you. As always, make sure to follow or locations, Annapolis (Facebook/Instagram) or Arundel Mills (Facebook/Instagram), on social. Now, without further ado, here is what we’ve been up to (promise we didn’t mean to rhyme).

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Festive Zoom Meeting Backgrounds That Will Brighten Your Day

Zoom Chevys

In 2020, I don’t think anyone needs an introduction to the video conferencing app, Zoom. It’s not only a useful business tool but has allowed friends and family to stay connected. And with any new or rising technology, it didn’t take long for people to start making their virtual experience all their own. Instead of sitting with a background of a wall or a chaotic household (is that just us?) many have opted for customized backgrounds. So, to add some fun to your day, we have come up with some festive zoom meeting backgrounds that are inspired by our Chevys locations. Here is a walkthrough on how to get these set up.

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Fundraising With Chevys – What You Need to Know

fundraising with Chevys feature

If you have a non-profit organization, sporting team, church group, or school club you would like to raise money for, host your event at Chevys. We’ve made the process as easy, fresh, and fun as our food. All you have to do is set the date, spread the word using our customizable flyers, and show up to your event. We’ll supply the fun atmosphere and delicious cuisine. Most importantly, when people mention your club or organization, 15% of their food and drink sales will be donated back to you. Learn more about fundraising with Chevys below.

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