5 Things We Did Wrong When Starting A Food Truck

starting a food truck

Whether you are an established restaurant looking to expand with a food truck or just starting with one, there are a few things you should know. We are of the philosophy that you don’t need to recreate the wheel. Therefore, you can learn from our experiences. When starting a food truck, we got a front-row education on the dos and don’ts to getting it up and running. Here are five things we did wrong when we first started out.

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Why Chevys’ Food Trucks Are a Great Way to Kick Off Your Block Party

Chevys' Food Trucks

Are you looking for one of the best ways to celebrate with your neighbors? Ready to light up the biggest smiles on every face on the block? If so, you are in the right place! Chevys’ has two food trucks waiting and ready to bring the world of delicious resh mex to your street! Let us help you light up the night with some of the best food around.

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5 Alternatives to Prom You’ll Want to Consider for Your Senior Parties

prom alternatives

Senior Week and Prom are often considered a rite of passage for those who are getting ready to graduate High School. In years past, Chevys has participated in many Prom Breakfasts too. Unfortunately, many teens are facing the cancellation of these experiences because of situations beyond their control. Regardless of the barriers, we must celebrate teens and their achievements. Check out some alternatives to prom and other senior year events.

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Taco ‘Bout Love – The Perfect Taco Toppings at Chevys

Chevys MD - Tacos

When you’re craving a taco, it’s not just about the perfectly cooked meat or fish, the melty cheese, or the tortilla. (Are you a softie, or do you like yours with a crunch? Either way, you can’t go wrong.) The taco toppings bring the experience to another level. In fact, we’d say the toppings are what make or break the dish. With the right toppings, the taco becomes transcendent.

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